A Steady Stream of Sprinkler Toys

A Steady Stream of Sprinkler Toys

Remember pressing your thumb over the hose as a kid to create a fine mist or targeted stream of water? These days, there are so many different hose attachments that bring gallons of water play right to your backyard! Maybe you’re looking to get them something they can just run around, or maybe you want to emulate some of their favorite waterpark moments right in the backyard. Either way, there are great options to cool ’em down in super fun ways!

Sprinkler Attachment Toys

Leap over them, run around them or just stand underneath. Sprinkler attachments easily connect to your garden hose and bring on immediate fun! Many kinds of sprinkler toys spray water in every direction, but you can easily find varieties that spray water in more tame ways.

Sprinkler attachments are fun for just about everybody in the family, even the pup! Any type of sprinkler toy that you add to your backyard fun-zone will help them develop their coordination while promoting active outdoor play. Incorporating water play gives them a place to cool down after all that runnin’, racin’, climbin’ and playin’!

Sprinkler Play Mats

A dedicated area where they can hop and play in water is just what’s needed on those really hot days. Sprinkler play mats are much larger than an attachment toy and include a play area that fills up with and sprays a fountain of water.

The soft, water-filled base gives the littles a fun sensory experience as they cool down. Every kiddo will get to have some fun active outdoor play and you’ll enjoy the easy set-up and storage of these water mats. Just fill ’em up and watch the kids play, then drain ’em and store for later!