All-Out Backyard Blaster Battles

All-Out Backyard Blaster Battles

Another beautiful day in the backyard. Ah, take in the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of birds singing their morning song…and the sight of one hundred Nerf darts flyin’ straight at you from every direction! The battle is on, and blasters are such a great way to get the whole family involved—and let off some steam—in a fun, safe way.

There are loads of varieties to choose from, but if you don’t want to round up ammo left lyin’ on the grass, you could always strap on a receiver and play some rounds of laser tag. Either way, you’re in for a full day of fun with blasters and laser tag that only end when one winner remains standing.


Load ’em up and let ’er rip. That’s what blaster battles are all about! Whether they’re practicing on some cardboard targets or engaged in an all-out backyard battle, there’s no doubt about it, blasters are loads of fun.

But did you know that there are some built-in benefits to having blaster battles? Sure, they’re all fun and games, but they also teach ’em about competition, teamwork, motivate them to win, develop their agility and keep ’em active.


When the play just needs to continue and it’s too easy to get boinked by a dart as you look for reloads in the grass, get some refills! Strap ’em across their chest, Rambo style, or leave caches around the yard that anybody can reach when the goin’ gets really tough. How you choose to distribute the blaster refills is up to you, but you’ll earn some strong allies—and foes—as you dish ’em out.

Laser Tag

Just ’cause you can’t see them doesn’t mean you’re safe! Laser tag is a next-level backyard battle experience that offers the same benefits as blasters without the darts. Strap on a receiving vest, grab a laser blaster, and find cover!

You can find laser tag blasters that reach up to 200 feet, so better make sure there’s some good cover around the yard and that your aim is true. There’s no honor system here! The vests will let everybody know you’ve been hit, or nailed the other team, until a winner can be announced. Ready? Aim? Blast away!