Balance Bikes for Kids

balance bikes for kids

They’ve mastered the tricycle and basics of riding, now it’s time to take them to the next level. Balance bikes are perfect for little riders who are ready to practice on two wheels, develop the skills needed for a bicycle and gain confidence to ride with the best of ’em!

What is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike looks a whole lot like a bicycle, except it doesn’t have pedals. This way, kids can develop their balance and coordination while they get comfortable with a bicycle’s design. Their feet stay on the ground as they hold the handlebars and learn cycling in a safe way.

Who are Balance Bikes Great For?

Maybe they ride and love their tricycle or maybe they’re skipping it and going straight to two wheels. Either way, balance bikes are great for toddlers and little riders who want to get comfortable riding on a bicycle. There are loads of benefits, too!

exercise: they’re movin’ their little legs and learnin’ as they go, so they’re getting some great exercise in!

self-confidence: as they learn, they might lift their legs and let the wheels take control—a great way to build confidence and get ready for a pedal bike.

easy transition to pedal bike: The design of a pedal-less bike gets ’em ready faster for a pedal bike.

How to Choose a Great Balance Bike

Size is the most important consideration when deciding on a balance bike. When standing, your child’s feet should be flat on the ground with some room between the seat and them. You can measure the inseam of their pants to find the best balance bike size for your child.

Some balance bikes are heavier than others. The balance bike you choose for your child should be easy for them to maneuver and turn.

Is your kiddo a little daredevil? Check out some balance bikes with brakes. Toddlers and little riders typically go slower, so a pedal-less bike without brakes is just fine for them.

Ok! Think they’re ready to hit the pavement and learn? We do, too! Let’s see which they like the best, then ride!