Bike Safety and Riding Safely

Whether just learning the basics or bike riding pros, everybody on a bike needs to ride safely. There are some things that every kid needs to make sure that they’ll be protected in case an accident happens. When they’re wearing the right bike safety gear, they’ll be back up and riding in no time!

Bike Helmet

When they’re on a bike, they need to wear a helmet—and this rings true for every bike rider! Whether they want a bike helmet with a spiked mohawk, Minnie Mouse’s bow or their favorite cartoon character, it should follow these guidelines:

  • Their helmet should be snug against their head and shouldn’t shift when they turn their heads.
  • It should fit level on their head, not tilted forward or backward.
  • When buckled, your child should be able to see and hear clearly with the helmet on.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Elbow and knee pads can minimize the impact of a fall and turn major injuries into minor booboos. The elbow and knee pads you choose should fit snugly against their knees and elbows and should not slide or shift when they bend their elbows or knees.

Since children tend to fall hands-first, you may want to consider safety gloves, too.

Reflective Gear

Your little riders should wear bright colors and reflective gear on family bike rides in the early morning, dusk or at night. Using lights on their bicycles, helmets and/or clothing will help identify them and you during your ride.

Bike Riding Safety

Parents should always ride alongside their children until parents are comfortable with their little biker riding alone. When taking it to the streets, children should use the sidewalk or bike lanes on the street to keep safe. If no bike lanes are available, riders should ride in the same direction as traffic, not against it, and as near the curb as possible.

Always be sure to check their helmet and pads each time they ride. Check their bike brakes and tire pressure, too, to make sure their next ride is fun and safe!