Burstin’ with Water Balloons and Water Blasters

burstin’ with water balloons and water blasters

Wanna have a real blast? Water blasters and water balloons are a great way to have active outdoor fun with the whole family. Just pick up a blaster, fill it up, grab some water balloons then turn the backyard into a battlefield and engage in some drench warfare! Beyond cooling everybody down on those really hot days, water blasters and water balloons have some benefits for the little ones and big kiddos as they run around and get soaked!

Water Blasters

Water blasters help develop coordination and gross motor skills in little ones. They’ll learn to multi-task as they run, aim and spray water at a family member or pal. Set up teams and they’ll learn all about teamwork and healthy competition. Because water blaster battles are so active, they’ll get some good introduction into athletics and great exercise! Of course, it’s just a little (OK, a lot) of water, so cleanup is made super easy for you!

On the next scorcher, give ’em some water blasters and let them take charge around the backyard.

Water Balloons

Like water blasters, water balloons help develop coordination and gross motor skills. Water balloons take a little more expertise to really master, so they’ll get some good practice in as they hurl ’em around the backyard and develop their aim and precision skills. Even the littles will learn about cause and effect by watching a water balloon burst on dad, or taking the fun into their own hands and trying to pop one themselves.

Whether they’re used during a water balloon battle or as added ways to soak up the competition during an epic backyard free-for-all, water balloons are a great way to add a burst of cooled-down fun during super-hot days.