Buying Your Child’s First Tricycle


Their very first tricycle, what an exciting day! There’s lots to consider when picking out their first set of wheels, but there are SO many benefits of learning to ride on a tricycle and graduating to their very own bicycle. Read up on what you need to know about your child’s first tricycle, then pick out a cool ride that’ll have ’em super excited to learn how to ride!

Benefits of Riding a Tricycle

For your little riders, a tricycle is a BIG deal. Since most tricycles are designed for children ages two and up, they’re at a developmental stage where they’re learnin’ lots and eager to explore. So, just what do they learn when they hop on and wheel around the driveway? Lots and lots!

Coordination and balance: they’re learnin’ the fundamentals of bike riding, how to stay steady and upright while they learn the basic motor skills needed to ride.

Safety: they’ll learn to be aware of their surroundings, how to turn, slow down and avoid obstacles in their way.

Confidence: once they learn how to ride and get on all by themselves, their level of confidence will skyrocket!

Exploration: a tricycle lets toddlers take initiative, explore how they want and develop independence in a healthy way.

How to Choose a Great Tricycle

When buying a tricycle for your child, you want to consider safety first. Choose a tricycle that won’t tip over easily. You can play with the steering to make sure it stays upright while your little on is riding. Likewise, sturdy materials like metal are long-lasting and tough to break in case they have a spill or two.

There are two types of tricycles you might consider for your child’s first set of wheels.

Big wheels tricycles: these are the ones you probably remember from childhood. Low to the ground, three wheels, two pedals and one heckuva good time!

Push tricycles: first-time riders might need some assistance. Push tricycles include a handle for parents to hold and guide their little one as they learn to ride all by themselves.


Most tricycles are sized for most toddlers, so the most important thing you want to make sure of is that their feet can reach the pedals. Some models include an adjustable seat so they can still ride as they grow.

Now they’re all ready and set to ride! Let them explore and learn all on their own, and be there to congratulate ’em on another awesome ride when they’re ready to get off! Now, which tricycle is best for your little one…