Clear the Way for Outdoor Pretend Play

Clear the Way for Outdoor Pretend Play

There’s some yard work that needs to be done to make way for all those new toys. But don’t worry, even backyard cleanup can be filled with play! Maybe they want to mimic you as you clear all that tall grass, or maybe they have their own chores and duties in mind. Pretend play lets them explore their imagination and the world as they see it. They’ll learn a little about responsibility, and even though that toy lawnmower isn’t really cutting any grass, they’ll get a sense of accomplishment after helping out around the yard.

Introduce them to the tools and equipment you use in a safe way and let them get to learn how it works and what it does in the way they know best—by exploring and using their imagination!


The grass is always greener wherever you find play! Little mowers are lot of fun for the kiddos who want to work just as hard as you do to keep the yard looking great. You can find toy lawnmowers with sounds to immerse them in pretend play and teach them responsibility.

Kids Gardening Tools

Get their path to becoming a green thumb started with kid-safe gardening tools that combine learning and fun! Kids’ gardening tools offer loads of play potential, plus there are lots of benefits! Gardening will teach them patience and responsibility, introduce them to lessons in natural science and help develop their gross motor skills.


What’s cookin’? A great time! They’ll have control over lights, sounds and lots of accessories to cook up lots of fun, all day long! They’ve watched you make lunch and dinner and now want to try out on their own, so hand over the spatula and let ’em flip some play burgers and take over while you enjoy the day.

Okay, so you can’t really eat the food they make…but you can savor the good time they’re having!