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Game on With Water Sports!

game on with water sports!

Hop in the pool, it’s game on! They can stay active in the pool without swimming tons of laps, instead get ’em some active activities to add some competition and help develop some athletic skills as they stay cool.

There are lots of options to choose from, and so many sports to try! Take aim at some of these awesome water sports toys below then get your game face on, ’cause it’s time to have some serious fun!

Water Basketball and Water Volleyball

Whether you set up the basketball net along the edge of a pool or use a floating basketball net to give the game a whole new level of play, water basketball is a great way to play in the pool while developing their coordination, athletic and swimming skills.

Likewise, water volleyball will have them jumpin’ and leapin’ around the pool to make a splash and win! With or without a net, a water volleyball is a good way to add some healthy competition and a whole lot of fun to their pool play.

Dive deep, leap or juke opponents to score a point, or just practice solo and stay cool the whole time!

Water Polo

For those who want a bigger net, water polo is the way to go! Like water basketball, you can find water polo nets that can float on the water’s surface and can be tied to the edge of the pool, or just let it free-float around to keep the game movin’…literally!

Water polo balls are typically bouncy, water-safe and soft so they can have lots of fun without worry of injury. Just keep the focus on gettin’ that ball into the net and doin’ a victory lap!

Water Trampolines

Now we’re talkin’. Water trampolines are great for lakeside days when the kiddos want to catch some air and make a big splash. You can find water trampolines in various sizes, typically between six and 10 feet wide. That’s more than enough room to jump, jump higher and cannonball into the lake.

A great way to get some cardio exercise in during an already active day, a water trampoline adds some thrills and lots of fun that the whole family can get in on!