Get Charged Up For Powered Ride-Ons

Some kids just gotta cruise. We hear ya. There’s nothing like the wind in their hair, havin’ the top down and just lettin’ the good times roll…and we mean really roll! Powered ride-ons are like a dream come true for kids. They let them feel like a grown up behind the wheel, takin’ their best ride for a spin around the backyard. So which should you choose?

How fast should they go? Do they really need a Chevrolet Bel Air at three years old? The answers are simple: it depends, however fast you’re comfortable with them going and YES! So let’s take some time to check out some powered ride-on differences to consider.

6 volt powered ride-ons

6V powered ride-ons and cars are perfect for children one to three years old. Because they only have six volts of power, they usually max out at three miles per hour. These types of ride-ons are safe for little ones as they learn coordination and steering skills.

12 volt powered ride-ons

For a little more oomph in their ride-on (but not much more!), choose a 12v powered ride-on. These ride-ons have a maximum speed of five miles per hour and are great for kids aged three to six years old. 12v ride-ons are awesome outdoors, they can withstand rough surfaces and keep your little ones on the move without issue.

You can find a variety of 12 volt ride-ons with one or two seats, so they can even take their bestie or sibling along for a ride or two.

types of ride-ons

You might think of a four-wheel vehicle when you think of a power ride-on, but these days there are more options beyond the traditional car or truck variant. You can find options to suit their interest nowadays, like tractors, racers, horses and even two-wheel ride-ons for daring kiddos.

There’s no need for a test-drive with any powered ride-on they choose—they’re sure to love their new ride the minute they hit the pedal and take it for a spin. So hop in, where they’re headin’, there’s lots of fun and adventure.