Go the Whole Nine Yards with Outdoor Sports

Go the Whole Nine Yards with Outdoor Sports

Fore, score and hear them cheer, ya pro—you turned your backyard into the place to be for all things sports! Gather some of their friends and make it a day filled with friendly competition so even your littlest littles can start to learn the basics of sports, sportsmanship and the joys of winning…and how to lose gracefully. These are all super important skills for kids, not to mention the great exercise, fine motor skill development and coordination they’ll learn along the play.

So what are some great family friendly sports to include in your backyard arena? We’re so glad you asked! Let’s take a look.


Learn the basics or show off some sweet moves with backyard basketball sets. Kid’s basketball sets are a great way to keep ’em active as they learn hand-eye coordination, dribbling movements, teamwork and the value of healthy competition.

Take a look and find adjustable basketball sets, basketball sets for toddlers and more. Take it to the net, practice some free throws or go head-to-head in a family-wide backyard basketball tournament! Put on some sneakers and get ready for some b-ball fun all day long.

Putt Putt Golf

Kids’ club sets teach them the basics of golf and, particularly, patience. The golf sets you’ll find are made out of durable plastic, including the golf bag, so they can wheel it along as they putt their way to the marker.

Putt putt golf sets are a great addition to any backyard, with or without a grassy area. They just need a place where the balls will roll so they can practice their putting skills and accuracy.


Is soccer more their speed? It’s a great way to exercise and learn some really useful athletic skills like balance, coordination and accuracy. Set up some cones and practice kicking drills, then set up the net and teach them how to score a goal. Hope they’re practicin’ their goal celebration!

Tee Ball

Ah, baseball, America’s pastime. Hitting a baseball is no minor feat, and they can learn how to with tee ball sets made specifically to help little players knock ’em across the yard! Just set up the ball on the tee and watch them try. As they play, they’ll build confidence and become absolute pros!