Keep It Cool With Inflatable Floats, Tubes and Kickboards

Keep It Cool With Inflatable Floats, Tubes And Kickboards

Relaxers and thrill seekers, rejoice! The water’s lookin’ just fine and it’s time to grab your favorite float, tube or kickboard and take it by storm…or just wade around a little. However you like to spend your day coolin’ down, there are some super fun pool accessories you can grab before your next dip to make it the day you’ve been dreamin’ of all year long.

Inflatable Floats

Fit just for them or oversized. Designs galore that’ll match their wild personality in and out of the pool. Inflatable floats are long floating mats that can safely keep a kiddo or adult afloat and drifting around the pool. Inflatable floats are great for anybody who wants to chill out a little after a long day of play, or those who just need a little time out before they get back to the fun.

Inflatable Tubes

Jump right in or swim underneath and climb aboard! Inflatable tubes are essential pool accessories that are great for relaxing and play. These are a great way to stay cool and secure in the pool without much balancing necessary. There’s a ton of varieties to choose from, like animals and mythological creatures, tasty treats and so much more.

Relax the day away, or at least until a sneaky swimmer comes from underneath and tips the tube over!


A day at the beach or lakeside means more water fun than they can handle…or can they? A kickboard lets ’em tame the tides and whiz over waves! Grab the handles and take a ride along the water on kickboards that come in so many different styles. Show off their favorite movie, TV show character or just choose their favorite color.

Kickboards let the kiddos take on the day their way, build confidence and have an absolute blast!