Learnin’ to Swim Safely

learnin’ to swim safely

To make the most out of a day at the pool, or right in your own backyard, take special note of some of these helpful items and tips below—as well as some things to remember when everybody is at the pool and havin’ a great time. When everybody is safely swimming, you can enjoy another family day in the sun!

In the pool, around the pool or out of the pool, it’s great to practice these safety measures, or have the swimming accessories below, to keep cool and keep safe all summer long!

Water Safety Goggles

Water safety goggles are a great way to protect their eyes while they swim. If they’re swimming in a full-sized swimming pool, it’s likely that it has some chemicals that keep the pool crisp and clean. These chemicals won’t cause damage, but they can irritate eyes. If you’ve ever had bloodshot eyes after exiting a pool, you understand the irritation.

Pool safety goggles are airtight and prevent water from contacting their eyes and irritating them. If your family is having some lakeside fun, or swimming in fresh water, safety goggles will keep out bacteria that may be found in the water. They’ll want to open their eyes underwater to see what’s going on around and under them, so safety goggles will keep them curious and safe!

Pool Life Jacket Vests

Little learners will have a great time in the pool while safely learning the basics of swimming with pool life jacket vests. Pool life jacket vests keep kiddos afloat with inflatable arm and torso pieces that slip through the arms and typically snap with a buckle behind their back. Pool life jacket vests can be adjusted to fit snugly but comfortably on your little swimmer, so they can swim safely and with ease!

A great learning device, they can safely practice wading or swimming strokes until they’re ready to try without a pool life jacket vest. Kiddos wearing pool life jacket vests are easier to supervise when in the pool and can give you some peace-of-mind as you watch them swim and float along.

To easily put inflated pool life jacket vests on your child, wet them as well as your kiddo’s arms, then just slide them up to their bicep and snap the buckle around their back.

Life Jackets

If your family enjoys active outdoor adventures like boating, kayaking, tubing or other water sports, a life jacket for your littles will keep them afloat and safe all day long!

Many life jackets are made with neoprene, a synthetic and waterproof rubber that’s known for its flexibility and insulation. Beyond life jackets, scuba gear is typically made using neoprene—so you can bet that it’s a great standard for water sports.

Life jackets typically run in sizes like clothes, and you want to make sure the life jackets you choose for your family members are in their size and fit snugly around them. They can simply slip each arm into each hole, then snap the buckles shut and tighten or loosen as needed.

Pool Safety Tips to Take

Days by the pool are so much fun, and when everybody’s safely swimmin’, they’re just as relaxing as they should be!

You probably already know these pool safety tips, but it’s always good practice to keep them in mind when your family is poolside or at the beach.

  • Make sure the swimming kiddos have an adult supervising nearby, even if they’re swimming in an inflatable pool.
  • Keep the littles away from the pool with a gate or security device that prevents them from access.
  • Walking, rather than running, around the pool prevents slips and falls into water.
  • Have a first-aid kit handy! Boo-boos can be taken care of quickly with a stocked first-aid kit.
  • Explain to your children the importance of following poolside rules and guidelines.