Splash all Day with Water Tables

splash all day with water tables

On the dinner table, we don’t play with our food. But on water tables…anything goes! Water tables keep their interest for a long time because there’s loads to do! These outdoor essentials are a great way to cool down on those hot summer days.

Benefits of Water Tables

There are loads of benefits to water tables, too! When the kiddos are outside, they can splash around without worry of getting anything wet. Water tables are a great sensory experience, too, and let them discover through play as they fill up buckets, spin wheels and dip their hands into water to play.

Got some of their besties over for a day of play? Water tables teach ’em valuable social skills like sharing and language development. Little ones at play will also learn balance as they play, cause and effect and develop their creative skills.

Types of Water Tables

Water tables are so great because they’re designed for your littles (18 months and up) to reach their highest point. So slides, spirals, launchers and any other features can easily be reached with a cup full of water or a toy they want to play with.

Sometimes the littles don’t want to get wet. We understand! There’s a simple solution that, just drain the water from the table and fill ’em full of sand! Now they have a different sensory experience and can explore their activity table in a whole new way.

When they want to get just a little wet outside—or even when they don’t—a water table is a great way for them to have fun with their toys in a new environment, get outside and make the most of the day!