Timeless Fun with Bubbles and Chalk

Timeless Fun with Bubbles and Chalk

There’s just something so whimsical about blowing bubbles or drawing with sidewalk chalk. When we think about playing with them, we’re usually giggling outside on a bright, sunny day Both toys are almost synonymous with childhood itself, and so greatly encapsulate the joy, playfulness and calm that kids get to enjoy.

What we might not realize is that there are loads of benefits to both! Playing with sidewalk chalk or dipping a wand into soapy suds can help your child while they have so much outdoor fun!


Blowing bubbles teaches your child to focus on their breathing. They assist your littlest littles in developing their gross motor skills as they lift their neck to watch them float by or when they reach out to touch one.

Your kiddos can also develop their gross motor skills as they play with the wand and form bubbles. They’ll get some exercise, too, when they run and try to create bubbles in motion. Of course, they’ll also learn cause and effect after blowing and popping them.

Sidewalk Chalk

Let their creative side take control with colorful chalk that lasts as long as the sunny days! The play potential is limitless with some chalk in their hand as they make games, create masterpieces or draw lines for their next driveway tricycle rally. They’ll learn to appreciate the temporary fun of their work and the benefits of exploring their own imagination.

Maybe they’ll grab a bestie and try out hopscotch or take on some games of tic-tac-toe. On their own, you might be surprised at what they can draw and color with just a few pieces of sidewalk chalk and all their imagination!